Sunday, June 24, 2012

Support for Legalized Marijuana in Washington State is High at 50 Percent to 32 Percent

A recent poll found support for Washington state's initiative to legalize marijuana, I-502, with an impressive 50 percent for and 37 percent against. The primary proponents of the measure are voters under 30, Republicans who represent party's libertarian wing and male voters, reported

The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, supports the hopes of Washington Democrats for a larger than usual youth turnout — which usually votes Democratic.

Supporters of I-502 charge that Asian street and biker gangs from British Columbia as well as Mexican cartels are reaping untaxed profits while the marijuana trade is unregulated. The revenues from legalized pot will go to drug education and health programs.

Though support of the issue at this point is far from fringe, the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor expressed their opposition to the measure. This is despite support coming from former federal and local law enforcement officers.

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